WELCOME TO 13 Branches and 13 Keys!

A Self-Empowering Approach to Freedom From Toxic Habits

I am moved, touched and inspired that you came to visit (or revisit) me here. Not long ago, I was diagnosed with a type of cancer. I underwent treatment, which appears to have worked very well, and my health is now fairly robust. I worked very hard to keep myself immersed in a state of deep gratitude, compassion toward myself and others, and radical forgiveness (I was considerably pissed off at God about the cancer.)

I used the time to begin writing a book, based on my own journey of personal growth, recovery, healing, and spiritual emergence. My training as an addictions counselor led me to reimagine the concept of “self-help” groups. The traditional 12-step approach has its wonders, its beauty, its power and its successes, however no one seems to be talking about the folks it does NOT work for. A lot of water has passed under the twin bridges of Psychology and Spirituality since the beginnings of AA and NA, and there is some truth to the idea that the very traditions that make this approach so powerful have sometimes also prevented it from including new wisdom as it has come available.

Let me be clear. This is NOT an “anti-AA” approach, and while I would never presume to edit or censor others, there will not be room here for 12-step bashing, gossip, sarcasm or anything else that seeks to compare paths.

Please join me on my journey as I put myself into the blessed task of performing my spiritual purpose. That purpose?

I AM the voice of The Universe, singing a love song into the ears of The Beloved.

What is YOUR spiritual purpose?

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