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Individuals diagnosed with mesothelioma cancer are now using art therapy as a way to promote healing and reduce stress and anxiety during cancer treatment.

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My twitter account is dedicated to video and links about art therapy. I list video links that are about art therapy in action, links to art therapy research activity, and links about art therapists.













An Art Therapist's Resource!

Interested in sharing/searching art therapy activities online? Introducing: FindArtDirectives, the art therapist's online resource.

Request access (database has more than 200 members).

I have developed a database for art therapy directives/activities. It is searchable by a lot of different criteria, such as: age of the client, type of media, time to complete activity, setting (inpatient, etc), and theme.

Survey Results

The survey I created is now closed. I had over 100 responses! Here is a quick summary of some of the results:

Question: Please describe yourself (check all that apply):

Survey Results

Question: How might you want the list of AT activities arranged? Keep in mind that one AT activity can be listed under many different categories. (Check any number of choices)

Survey Chart

Question: When you are planning counseling sessions, how often do you use these resources to find AT activities? The chart shows the items that people marked that they used most often.

Survey results

As a result of this response, I have added a feature: PERSONAL LISTS. In this feature, you can add your own directives to the database that are for your use only. You can then have your own searchable list, sorted by material, theme, client demographic, client diagnosis, and so on. Enter the directive once, and it appears on all the appropriate lists.

Request access to FindArtDirectives in advance (database will be opened in April, 2010)